Image of Alex and Becky and the fornt of our shop.

About Shirt Bakery

Shirt Bakery started in 2005 screen printing t-shirts on the kitchen table. Since then we've grown to a complete custom apparel and promotional product distributor. We offer 10 color custom screen printing, 15 color custom embroidery and an almost limitless line of apparel and promotional products. We can print or stitch just about anything you need!

We've had some much appreciated exposure over the past 10 years. Shirt Bakery shirts have been seen by millions of people watching national television, worn on stage by talented musicians, and distributed across the country for advertising campaigns. We're working with artists, designers, bands, nonprofit organizations (did I say bands?), schools, churches, political campaigns, small businesses, large corporations and individuals like you.

Shirt Bakery's work continues to travel all over the world. Thank you for letting us do what we love!

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